Monday, May 29, 2006

Chips are n00bs!

Ok, so it's bank holiday and I want to buy a legit copy of SiN: Emergence (So I can play multiplayer sometime in the future) and hopefully reserve a copy of Half Life 2 Episode 1 while I'm at it. Now Otley is only a small town and some would think it's quite suprising to find 2 games shops within 300 yards of each other no? Well thats otley for ya.

My usual, Game Trading wasn't open so i decided to have a look in the Chips store, they bost a wider selection of games, better trade prices and playable consoles, For a start they didn't have SiN and I wasn't able to reserve HL2 Episode 1, My sis later pointed out their Nintendo DS selection was Crap, the PS2 was switched off and some overadvertised EA football game was on the Xbox.

I decided to look further, Guild Wars: Factions was nowhere to be seen, neither were ANY of the recent Half Life series releases (HL1 Anthology, CS:S Pack, DOD:S) the original Call of Duty plus expansion had dissapeared into the void. Basically all the games I like, want to get, have had, sold and would probably like to buy again weren't there.

Conclusion? Chips are a bunch of n00bs! - Click and laugh! muhahahaha

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog Spot...

Hello, first post outside of MSN spaces wow it feels strange for some bizzare reason.

Just bear with me while I sort out the layout.